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The Ridge Story

The Ridge Story

The Ridge was founded in 2008 and today is one of the largest brands in the global Forex industry,

Continuing to develop dynamically and innovatively with constant up to date systems. A distinguished reputation, innovative approach and profitable working conditions are our main strengths and this is why we're the choice of over a million clients.

What We Offer

We offer clients of all experience levels opportunities to be sustainably successful in the online trading of forex, commodities, energies and indices. Our holistic approach extends beyond the basic provision of a trading platform, as we believe that successful traders should be provided with the best possible academic, technical and practical support throughout their trading journey.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the safest available online trading environment, and to continually innovate in the field of security in order to provide our clients with pioneering and industry-leading safety mechanisms, through the twin pillars of technology & education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the undisputed, safest provider of online trading that offers the best execution speeds combined with market-leading innovations and rewards for traders of all experience levels.

The Ridge - fast execution and exceptional client support


  • The company uses cloud based servers with excellent connectivity worldwide to combine fastest execution, with lowest spreads and lowest latency in order restrict the risk of superfluous loss.
  • New advanced hack-prevention software protects clients from any threat of cyber attacks.

Our Strategy

The Ridge focuses its efforts on engaging in targeted strategies, in order to provide the highest possible quality of online trading. This is done through a three-pronged approach of SAFETY through TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATION.


  • Safety is the overriding principle emanating through all of our operational activities.
  • The Ridge is the first brokerage in the industry to launch supplementary protective measures, and pledges to continue spearheading safety in the forex industry, through research in new technologies combined with prevention of our client’s unnecessary risk through education.
  • We run strict stress tests to each of our products and offerings to ensure that our clients never reach a negative balance position.


  • Our holistic approach to education extends beyond the basic provision of the initial core trading journey, as we believe that successful traders should be provided with the best possible academic support throughout their trading lifecycle.
  • Educated traders are armed with the tools to make informed trading decisions and are equipped with the resources to have a better quality - and longer - trading experience.
  • New style provision of in-depth technical & fundamental analysis by awardwinning & industry-leading veterans in both research & dealing.

Regulation and Compliance

The Ridge is licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We take pride in our strong culture of regulation and compliance. The security of our client funds is of paramount importance. The Ridge maintains segregated client accounts with National Australia Bank (Australia) and Barclays (UK).