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Account and Login Issues

Posted on: 26 May 2016 , by: Marlon Peiris , category: Secure Client Area

What is my account approval status?

Account approval is completed during Australian business hours; Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 6:00pm AEST. If you are applying outside of these hours then it will be processed the following business day.

The estimated approval time within Australian business hours: 1-4 hours

When your account application has been approved, you will receive an account opening email from our team. If there is issues with your application or ID documents provided, our team will also email you with information on how to proceed with your application.

What is required when opening an account with Ridge?

There are two options for opening an individual Live Account: 

Option One -

2 x Photo ID such as Passport and Drivers Licence.

Option Two -

1 x Photo ID
1 x Proof of Residency Document (such as your most recent Bank Statement or Utility Bill).

For company, trust and superannuation accounts, additional documentation is required. For further information on ID documentation for these application types, please contact [email protected]

How do I open a Live account?

To open a live account, please go to our home page and click on the button “Live Account – Open a Live Trading Account”.

The process will take around 5 minutes to complete online. You will be prompted to provide your account opening ID documents, which can be uploaded online during your application.

How do I open a demo account?

To open a demo account, please go to our home page and click on the button “Demo Account – Try a Demo Trading Account”. You will then need to register your details and a confirmation email is sent to your registered email.

Once you have received the confirmation email, you will be directed to our Secure Client Area where you can complete your demo account request.

You will also note that by clicking on the Downloads tab in the Client Area you will be able to download copies of the MT4 or cTrader platforms to run your demo account.

Why isn’t my ID accepted?

If there is an issue with the ID you have submitted for your Live Trading Account application, our team will send you an email with details on why your ID was not approved and what you can provide to have the account approved.

Among the common reasons, ID isn’t accepted if it is:

  • An unclear scanned or faxed image
  • An expired ID card or passport
  • Not an official document released by a government body or utility company
  • Details missing from the ID (such as date of birth, address or a photo)
  • Details are inconsistent in the ID provided
  • Parts of the ID are not shown in full
  • The ID appears to be edited or modified

How do I create an additional account?

To create an additional account, please log on to the Secure Client Area and click on the “Request New Live Account” button.

A new Live Account will then be issued to you during Australian business hours.

If you experience issues with requesting an additional account, commonly this is because you may have a number of existing accounts that have a zero dollar balance. You may wish to fund your existing accounts to enable further accounts to be created.

How do I link my account to a particular Introducing Broker?

Please email [email protected] should you wish to have your account linked to the Introducing Broker you require. So that we can quickly action the request, please ensure to quote your account security details including your full name, date of birth and the answer to your account security question.

How do I change my account from Standard to Razor (or visa versa)?

Please email [email protected] should you wish to have your type changed from Standard to Razor or from Razor to Standard. So that we can quickly action the request, please ensure to quote your account security details including your full name, date of birth and the answer to your account security question.

Can I make my demo non-expiring?

In order to have a demo account set to non-expiring, we do require that client’s hold a live, funded account with Ridge. If you are a live account holder with The Ridge and wish to have a demo set to non-expiring, please email [email protected] quoting your live account and demo account number and we can set it to non-expiring for you.


Login Issues

Why can I not log on to my demo account?

Please be advised that demo accounts are set to expiry 30 days after creation. As such, if you are having issues with logging-in to your demo account and the below resolution steps are not working, it may be a case where your demo has expired. You can request a new demo account through the following link:  

Please note that demos can be set to non-expiry on request. However, this is only available for clients with live and funded accounts. If you have a live and funded account, please submit your request for your demo to be made non-expiry to [email protected]

I cannot log onto my mobile app

Please make sure you are using the right app for your account. The following apps are for MetaTrader4 accounts:

The following apps are for cTrader:

 With the Metatrader4 apps, you will need to use the login option of Login to Existing Account option. From there you will need to search for your Ridge Server. If you cannot find your The Ridge server listed; you will need to reinstall the app.

Please note that the MetaTrader4 apps are produced and distributed by MetaQuotes. Only the cTrader apps have The Ridge branding.

How to reactivate account? (archived)

To reactivate archived accounts, simply send an email to [email protected] asking for your account/s to be made active again. In the email, make sure to specify your date of birth and answer to your secret question so that we can confirm your identity. Please allow 1 business day for resolution.

Please note that, for older accounts, it may be necessary to create a new account for you due to legacy settings no longer compatible with the systems.

I can’t log in to my trading account

Please make sure that you are entering your account number and associated password when logging in. In MetaTrader4 it will show the connection status toward the bottom right of the platform window. If it says ‘Invalid Account’, this means your login details are incorrect. If you login to the Secure Client Area you will be able to reset the password to your accounts.

If it says ‘No Connection’ you may need to follow the steps in ‘I’m getting no connection when I log in’.

Please note that accounts that have been inactive for 90 days are archived – which will prevent you from logging-in. To reactivate archived accounts, please email [email protected] with your request.

For cTrader, make sure you Sign in with your Trading Account – unless you have set up a cTrader ID with Spotware. A cTrader ID is not the same thing as your cTrader account number. To login screen for your cTrader trading account is as follows:

Signing in with your cTrader ID looks like this – only use it if you have previously set up a cTrader ID with Spotware:

I can’t log in to the client area

One of the biggest issues with logging into the Secure Client Area is using Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge as your browser. Unfortunately these web browsers do not work with the Secure Client Area. We request that you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If you are still having trouble logging-in you may need to reset your password. There is a ‘Forgotten password’ link that will help you reset your Secure Client Area password.

Please note that the login details for the Secure Client Area are your email address and the password you specified when you registered the account – unless you have reset it.

I’m getting no connection when I log in

Please try the following:

In MT4, go to File > Login to Trade Account

  • enter your account number and password and then
  • in the server field type exactly with your keyboard:

[the server name e.g. Edge03] – depending on the name of your server

  • do not select anything from the drop down.

Typing in the full server address helps to re-establish connection to the server

  • What is the server address for my account?

The name of your server and full server address is included in the original email sent to you when your account was created. 

I want you to investigate my trade

For investigations of trades, please fill in the form and forward it to [email protected]

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a resolution of the investigation.