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Smart Trader Tools for MT4

You could get more from your MT4 platform and trading experience with Smart Trader Tools by Ridge. As a part of our Smart Trader Tools package we’ve provided over 10 smart trading apps to help you gain an edge, as well as what we believe to be unparalleled insights into the markets, allowing both novice and experienced traders to trade smarter.

Smart Trader Tools assists traders by providing advanced trade execution and management, decision assistance, sophisticated alarms and broadcast facilities and up-to-date market data all accessible via one of the leading trading platforms, MT4.

Access Smart Trader Tools

Contact your Account Manager or Support today to see how you can gain access to Smart Trader Tools by Ridge*.

*Minimum $500 AUD equivalent account balance.


List of Tools Available


Alarm Manager

The Alarm Manager is designed to be the perfect tool for setting up alerts or notifications...


Designed to provide traders with quick access to the tools they need.

Fundamental Analysis

Correlation Matrix

Aimed at providing traders with greater insight of their market exposure risk...

Technical Analysis

Correlation Trader

The Correlation Trader can be a great tool for comparing competing markets.

Trend Lines

Excel RTD

The Excel RTD can be a powerful tool that enables users' monitoring...

What is a Technical Indicator

Market Manager

The Market Manager provides full oversight of market prices...

Gold Trading

Mini Terminal

An abbreviated version of the Trader Terminal...

Order Types

Sentiment Trader

The Sentiment Trader provides an easy to read market sentiment...

Order Types

Session Map

The Session Map shows traders the Sydney, Tokyo, London...

Order Types

Stealth Orders 

The Stealth Orders application allows traders to hide...

Order Types

Trade Simulator 

The Trade Simulator provides traders with instant P&L...

Order Types

Tick Chart Trader

Benefitting from one click trading functionality...

Order Types

Trade Terminal

The Trade Terminal application is packed with features...

Order Types


Candle Countdown, Chart Group, Freehand Drawing, High-Low, Order History, Pivot, Renko




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