Open Account Institutional Grade Security / Liquidity Execution with 99% Uptime
Trade with the TRUST Welcome to Ridge
Open Account Institutional Grade Security / Liquidity Execution with 99% Uptime
Trade with the TRUST Welcome to Ridge

Financial Products

The product can be categorized as three types by its product forms, namely currency, tangible products, and intangible products:

Changes are tied to the currency system, its form has been changing since discovery, from physical currencies such as shells, fabric, metal currencies such as gold, silver, and copper, and eventually a substitute currency which is paper currency.
Tangible Products
There are several types of such products, including public bonds, short-term government bonds, foreign bonds, private bonds, corporate bonds, short-term Treasury bills, circulating certificates of deposit, bank acceptances, commercial papers, promissory notes, pre-dated checks, bonds repaid in tangible assets, and bonus bonds , Stocks, checks, insurance policies, savings, etc.
Intangible Products
These financial services are roughly divided into eight aspects: lending, deposits, foreign services, transfer and savings, location or time services, credit services, etc.
The Ridge Ltd

The world’s largest marketplace

The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest and the most liquid market. The average daily trading volume of China and Southeast Asian countries alone exceed 1.4 trillion US dollars. Imagine that the volume of transactions in the market are so huge, and the orders are often handled by bank traffic providers. By acquiring 1% of the market volume, the daily trading volume is 14 billion US dollars. Although the volume of this transaction is huge, it has very high risks. As long as there is a reliable system for risk control analysis, it is very worthy of investment.

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The Ridge’s mission is also the core value, to realize the idea that everyone could be a bookmaker, allowing more people to participate as well as expanding the capital pool, to create profits for shareholders, to create value for the platform, and to create opportunities for employees.


The Ridge risk control, create a smart future. In the future, The Ridge will integrate the Alpha AI System into more financial products, such as indexes, futures, encrypted digital currencies and stocks, to occupy more market shares.

Trading Products

We provide our clients with secure, reliable, competitive services and solutions in the areas of foreign exchange, commodities and index futures trading.

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AUDUSD - - -
GBPUSD - - -
NZDUSD - - -
EURAUD - - -
GBPJPY - - -
EURJPY - - -
EURGBP - - -
EURUSD - - -
USDJPY - - -
Symbols Bid Ask Spread (pip)
XAUUSD - - -
XAGUSD - - -
XPTUSD - - -
Symbols Bid Ask Spread (pip)
NAS100 - - -
S&P 500 - - -
US30 - - -
FTSE 100 - - -
USOil - - -

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